LHS Inc. provides hydrant and valve services, our own line of products, as well as training for water operators, fire departments and municipal staff.

We Ensure a continued and optimum operation of water distribution systems and fire service mains.

We Ensure that they conform to the latest regulations and standards for fire protection and drinking water quality.

Ontario's Dry Hydrant and Cistern Specialist

Dry Hydrants and Cisterns are a rural fire protection regulated under NFPA 1142 and the Ontario Fire Code for areas where there are no pressurized fire hydrants. They provide rural fire departments with a ready source of water for fire protection.

With our Discovery Unit we are able to do the thorough inspection called for in the fire code.

Our Line Of Products

LHS Inc. are continually trying to develop useful products for the water industry. These include:

Pretzel Hydrant Marker

Hydrant Sock

Hydrant Sock

Pretzel Hydrant Marker

The Pretzel Hydrant Marker gives owners of fire hydrants a new option with a completely 100% polycarbonate reversible marker that will mount on all common hydrants.

Upcoming Seminars

LHS Inc. have prepared a 2 hour seminar to coincide with our 20th Anniversary on what we have learned about pressurized hydrants and OFC 6.6.4.

As well there has been great interest in Dry Hydrants and Cisterns NFPA 1142. So half of this seminar is about what we have learned and what we are doing for inspections and certification of DH&C's.

Our presentation has been well received by Simcoe County Fire Prevention Officers Association and by Renfrew County Fire Chiefs Association.

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An LHS Inc. Marked Hydrant Instills Confidence in its Operation